Darts is one activity at which Britain excels! It is mainly played in pubs and requiring little or no physical fitness. Darts only requires a board and the darts themselves, this limited list of equipment being one of the reasons for its success. The board itself is made from compressed sisal fibres and despite modern electronic versions is now the accepted norm. The darts are usually used using a combination of metal, nylon and plastic for the points, barrels, shafts and fletching. The objective of this game is to reach the number 0 before your opponent quickly. 

501 is the standard version of the game in competition and the object is to “check out” by getting your score down to 50 or less before ending the game by reaching zero by either throwing a double or a bullseye with your final dart. Beginners are advised to try getting to 32 points 사설토토 for their out which would call for a throw that strikes the double 16. This is a perfect strategy because in case you miss the double and strike a single 16, you now have 16 points left which calls for striking a double 8.